Benefits of The Lawn Saver
  • The Lawn Saver eliminates the use of splash blocks and flexible spouts, which can be large and unattractive.


  • Heavy-duty plastic with UV protects for years.
  • The Lawn Saver fans the stream of water, as it exits from the downspout, reduces the force of water hitting the lawn therefore reducing erosion of lawn, decorative stone and other landscape materials.

  • The Lawn Saver has a clamp up design that stores the downspout out of the way when mowing eliminating the need for excess trimming around the downspout.
     - This feature is easy to use: Lift the lower downspout, then clamp The Lawn Saver onto the downspout that is secured to the house.    

  • The V-stand design allows the grass to grow under the downspout.

  • The Lawn Saver protects downspout ends from damage.